Presbyterian Church of the Cross

"I especially like that our congregation has an opportunity to share our Celebrations and Concerns during worship, can ask for prayer and support during sickness, etc.  I'll always remember Brenda Zeigler allowing us to share in her journey when she was fighting cancer."  -  Sue Patterson

"The Worship Service with the sermon and the children's message is very meaningful for everyday life." 
-  Elaine Morehead

An effort is made to have congregants participate as often as possible in worship services in various ways such as reading scripture, leading responses and prayers, etc.  Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to contact the church office or to speak with the minister.

Volunteer Worship Assistants

"Brenda Zeigler (deceased) once commented that our sermons often gave her something to ponder throughout the week.  She benefited from just listening in church but loved to put more study and thought into it.  Then, along about mid-week, the deeper meaning would dawn on her and she'd think, 'WOW!'" 
-  Merrie Shelton

Held each Sunday at 11:00 am – 12:00 noon, all are welcomed by our friendly, open, and inviting congregation. Worship in Presbyterian Church of the Cross is inspirational and casual, what you might call an “updated traditional” service, guided by our Book of Common Worship. Services are interactive and relevant to our time and include prayers, hymns, scriptures from the Old and New Testaments, an offering, a children’s message, and a thought-provoking sermon. The general mood is quiet and thoughtful, joyful and caring, with uplifting music. We enjoy including volunteer readers and participants.

The Presbyterian (or Reformed) Church has always insisted on an educated clergy, which requires a four-year college degree and three years of seminary training, after which candidates must pass an exam which is used church-wide.The church's dedication to education began the first colleges and universities in the U.S., such as Princeton, Davidson, etc.