Presbyterian Church of the Cross

These are important ceremonies established by Christ that connect us to him as well as other believers.  Presbyterians recognize two:

  • Lord's Supper (Communion) - Sharing this "meal" of bread and wine (grape juice) is a sign of community with Christ and all who belong to him.  It is also done in remembrance and to proclaim Jesus' death, sacrifice, and love for us.  PCC normally observes communion during the worship service on the first Sunday of each quarter and occasionally at special services.
  • Baptism - A symbol of the cleansing and purification of our sins and a welcoming into the family of God; it enacts God's redeeming grace offered to all people.  While Presbyterians typically administer baptism by sprinkling, we accept other forms practiced by different churches.  PCC celebrates baptism of adults, children, and infants upon request.