Presbyterian Church of the Cross

  • Profession of Faith and Baptism
    For those who have never been a member
    of a Christian church or baptized

  • Reaffirmation of Faith
    For those who have been a member of
    a Christian church but are not currently active

  • Letter of Transfer
    For those who wish to transfer a current membership from another congregation

How to Join


God calls us to worship him, to be in regular fellowship with one another, and to serve.  You do not need to be a member of the Church of the Cross to do any of these - visitors and non-members are welcome to attend and participate in services and programs for as long as you wish.  Many find, however, that formally uniting with a church brings a feeling of belonging and commitment to grow in their faith and service, and we would love for you to join us as we all endeavor to follow Christ Jesus on life's journey. 

When you decide you are interested in becoming a member, please tell our minister. 
Rev. Clark will talk with you, answer any questions, and will set a time for you to meet with the Session and to join the church which can be done in one of three ways: