Presbyterian Church of the Cross

Located in the lower level of Church of the Cross, this is a joint effort of PCC and members of the community and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The first lessons were taught in June 2013.  Being firm believers in the myriad benefits of music and dance and wanting to honor the life and service of a local music leader, Charles "Lee-Bo" Butler (Mr. Butler and his siblings participated in our Summer Recreation Program in the 1970's.), its mission is to enhance music appreciation and provide instructional lessons to youth and children who would otherwise not have an opportunity to participate in such activities. Building self-confidence and character is also a goal.  At this time, lessons are offered in keyboard/piano, guitar, percussion, and dance with hopes of offering additional instruments and forms of dance when teachers and instruments are acquired.  Some of their needs:  teachers and volunteer assistants, office volunteers, used instruments (These are loaned to students who cannot afford their own.), guest artists for concerts and special classes, and of course, donations.

B Natural (B♮) Academy of Music and the Arts